Tobacco use in sub-Saharan Africa among oral presentations

Scientific highlights: Friday, 20 March

Here are highlights of the oral presentations given at the conference on Friday:

Identifying and confronting allies of the global tobacco industry

Oral presentation: Sick Bedfellow: Identifying and confronting allies of the global tobacco industry (Abstract OP-227-20) Presenter:  A Blum, University of Alabama, Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society

Oral presentation on potential of e-cigarette use for smoking cessation

Oral presentation: Electronic cigarettes are effective for smoking cessation: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis (Abstract OP-234-20) Presenters: MA Rahman, Australian Catholic University; N Hann, The University of Melbourne, Australia; A Wilson, Australian Catholic University, St Vincent's Hospital,The University of Melbourne; G Mnatzaganian, Australian Catholic University; L Worrall-Carter, Australian Catholic University, St Vincent’s Hospital

First-ever large-scale assessment of tobacco use in sub-Saharan Africa

Oral presentation: Tobacco use and social determinants in 30 Sub-Saharan African countries: analyses of national level population-based surveys (Abstract OP-241-20) Presenters:  C Sreeramareddy, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Turkey; PMS Pradhan, 2Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Nepal; S Sin, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Presentation on impacts of plain and standardised packaging

Oral presentation: Impacts of plain or standardised packaging among adult smokers: insights from the ITC-Australia survey (Abstract OP-244-20) Presenters:  R Borland, H Yong, J Balmford,L Li, Cancer Council Victoria, Department of Nigel Gray Fellowship, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; G Fong,University of Waterloo, Department of Psychology, Ontario , Waterloo, Canada; M Cummings,Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Hollings Cancer Center, South Carolina, Charleston, United States of America; D Hammond, University of Waterloo, Department of School of Public Health & Health Systems, Ontario , Waterloo, Canada.

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