Meet the Experts Sessions

In these sessions, experts will meet with interested delegates to discuss, face to face, the challenges and opportunities of working in tobacco control today. These sessions are free of charge for registered delegates only.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

TIME: 08:00-8:45

LOCATION: See details below

01. Prof Jonathan Samet (USA) — Capital Suite 3
Meet Prof Samet to discuss: Passive smoking – its effects on lung health

02. Prof Dean Schraufnagel (USA) and Dr Ehsan Latif (UK) — Capital Suite 5
Meet Prof Schraufnagel and Dr Latif to discuss: Electronic cigarettes – what are the challenges?

03. Dr Eduardo Bianco (Uruguay) — Capital Suite 7
Meet Dr Blanco to discuss: Implementing the FCTC in the Americas – how can we accelerate the process?

04. Dr Abdul Razzak Alkaddour (UAE) — Capital Suite 10
Meet Dr Alkaddour to discuss: Health effects of Midwakh – water pipe smoking

Friday, 20 March 2015

TIME: 08:00-8:45

LOCATION: See details below

Ms Katie Dain (Switzerland) — Capital Suite 1
Meet Ms Dain to discuss: National and regional NCD alliances – useful for tobacco control?

Ms Patricia Lambert (South Africa) — Capital Suite 3
Meet Ms Lambert to discuss: Litigation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A World of Possibility?  

Prof Judith Mackay (Hong Kong) — Capital Suite 5
Meet Prof MacKay to discuss: Global trends – where is the tobacco epidemic going?

Prof K Srinath Reddy (India) — Capital Suite 7
Meet Prof Reddy to discuss: The burden of NCDs – how can we raise awareness among politicians and policy makers?

Prof Prakash Gupta (India) — Capital Suite 10
Meet Prof Gupta to discuss: Tobacco control in India – progress and challenges

Dr Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva (Switzerland) — Capital Suite 13
Meet Dr da Costa e Silva to discuss: The FCTC – are we on track?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

TIME: 08:00-8:45

LOCATION: See details below

Dr Tara Singh Bam (Nepal) –  Capital Suite 3
Meet Dr Singh Bam to discuss: Integrating cessation into TB services – what can we achieve?

Prof Martin Raw (UK) — Capital Suite 5
Meet Prof Raw to discuss: The challenges of offering affordable cessation support

Mr Matt Myers (USA) — Capital Suite 7
Meet Mr Myers to discuss: How can we make the case for increasing tobacco taxes?

Mr Laurent Huber (Switzerland) — Capital Suite 10
Meet Mr Huber to discuss:  The FCA–using its network to keep tobacco control high on the post-2015 development agenda.

Prof Mike Daube (Australia) — Capital Suite 13
Meet Prof Daube to discuss: Plain packaging – how can we learn and benefit from the Australia experience?